As your child prepares for the challenges and excitement of going to school, there’s much you can teach him about socialising in the world. See our advice for all you need to know about pre-school parenting.

Fun toys for pre-schoolers

Your child will be keen to get to grips with all sorts of toys that fire their imagination and encourage their physical development

Craft ideas for kids

Get some inspiration for getting crafty at home!

Reading with your child

Although your child will most probably not be able to read independently yet, reading books aloud together is a valuable way to encourage their interest in books

Does my pre-schooler need a car seat?

Find out whether your child needs a car seat and what the law says

Helping your child overcome shyness

It’s perfectly normal for preschool-aged children to seem shy or lacking in confidence.

Choosing a nursery

Find out how to make the right decisions for your little one's nursery

Cooking with kids

There's nothing more fun than cooking with your kids. Get them involved in the kitchen and enjoy their fab creations!