While your child prepares for school and the big wide world, you can encourage him to eat and drink healthy snacks and meals as part of a balanced diet. Read all about the best options with our advice from the British Nutrition Foundation and put your little one on the right track.

Encouraging table manners

Encouraging good behaviour at the table can help children eat better

Eating times and routines

Sticking to a routine can really help children eat better

Cooking family meals on a budget

Feeding the family on a budget can be done, here are some tips on how

Healthy weights for pre-schoolers

What’s a healthy pre-school weight for your little one?

Learning to use a knife and fork!

Help your little one learn how to use their set of cutlery


Portion sizes for kids

All children are different and sometimes it can be hard to know whether your child is getting enough or too little of the food they need

Vitamins and minerals for kids

Make sure your child’s diet is providing all the vitamins and minerals they need